Our only hope is that we have each other. But we can't sit around and wait for four years. Now, it's on us.

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Calling your elected official is the best way to put pressure on them to stop Trump. Enter your zipcode so we can identify your Senators and Congressperson

How to make your Congressperson and Senators listen

  • 1. Identify your name and your city
  • 2. State your “call to action” and identify the cause you are calling about
  • 3. Wait for the staffer to respond
  • 4. If you're comfortable, get personal and tell the staffer why this cause is important to you
  • 5. Ask the staffer to record your opinion, thank them for their time, and end the call
  • 6. Email or text your friends, post on Facebook or Twitter, and tell them to do the same




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